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Now providing brands with facilities and licensing

We have our own recognized Solaris brand

Solaris also offers existing facilities and licensing to others brands entering the Silver State

Our expansion phase aims to be the largest profitable cannabis brand campus in Nevada

  • Production licensing
  • Fine-tuning your product offerings
  • Brand marketing and sales support
  • Full production hosting (lab, kitchen, extraction, packaging, labeling, and shipping)

Current Strains


26-30% THC, 32% cannabinoids, 22mg/g Terpenes.
60/40 Indica dominant. Early mid-90’s bag seed traded at grateful dead shows and Cali/New York – high prices. It smells very skunky with notes of kerosene, OG and lemons. Along with large yields, this is a great take on Chem 91. Chem VA Skunk is suitable for daytime and evening usage.


24-30% THC, 33% cannabinoids, 23mg/g Terpenes.
65/35 Indica dominant. From 2008 West Hollywood, a Chemdog crossed with Fire OG, famous from OG Kush line California. Fire Chem cannabis strain is shockingly potent, just like its smell. It has OG traits and will soothe the body and mind.


17-22% THC, 25% cannabinoids, 22mg/g Terpenes.
Indica unique terpene, with an earthy mushroom smell. HP13 comes from California, New York and Hawaii early 2000’s best strain. High in Myrcene, Ocimene and Limonene with hints of Pinene and Humulene. HP-13 may be one of the most elusive and valuable strains in existence.

Summer Genetics

Expanding the Solaris Flower Offering


LVK (Las Vegas Kush)

27-31% THC, 34% cannabinoids, 25mg/g Terpenes. 50/50 indica and sativa. Triangle Kush/Lemon Skunk hybrid. Colorado 2012.

LA Affie

28-31% THC, 35% cannabinoids, 26mg/g terpenes. 100% Indica 100%. Afganica A Cali breed from LA acquired San Diego 2008-2010.

Bubba Fett

26-29% THC, 31% cannabinoids, 23mg/g Terpenes. Indica Dominant. Bubba Kush crossed with StarDawg. Colorado bred late 2010's local favorite.

Ghost OG

25-29% THC, 32% cannabinoids, 24mg/g Terpenes. Indica Dominant. Close to landrace kush popularized in the early 2010's, known for high resin and vigorous rooting systems.

Gelato 33

18-22% THC, 29% cannabinoids, 23mg/g Terpenes.Indica Dominant Hybrid. Ghost of LeeRoy: 24-26% THC, 30% cannabinoids, 24mg/g Terpenes. Indica Dominant Hybrid. Sunset Sherbet crossed with Thin Mints (Cookies Fam Genetics).

Solaris Branding

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