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Solaris Farms is one of three large scale operations in Nevada

With more than 12-acres of land nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, our state-approved space of over 300,000 square feet is being developed in two phases.

Our phase one, currently operating, consists of 34,000 square feet of cultivation, production and operational space, with a rotation of 7,000 plants and bi-weekly harvests.

Our next and final phase aims to develop the remaining space to the legal limits, and become one of the 20 largest facilities in North-America.

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The Next Gen of Cannabis Greenhouses

Solaris has combined top genetics and adapted them to the desert environment with hybrid greenhouses that use a technology-oriented and data-driven growing approach. The result is indoor quality at outdoor prices and at scale.

Profitability, long-term ROI in mind

Our existing facility is currently operational and profitable.

Our goal is to match the indoor top-quality at a fraction of the cost.

In the desert, indoor means high utility costs & environment-unfriendly outcomes. As prices fall, indoor cost structure becomes prohibitive.

At the other end of the spectrum, outdoor’s contamination and lack of quality will never fill the quality gap, especially in a desert environment.

This effectively leaves hybrid greenhouses as the only viable means of cultivation in the long term.

Industry Outlook

With increasing demand, lower prices, falling state barriers, and entry of large-scale national corporate players, the existing cannabis industry has no choice but to focus on large-scale economical cultivation solutions that increasingly embrace strong corporate organizational principles.

Solaris is here with a proven business model based on existing operating facilities, and well thought-out expansion plans on their way to construction permits, and now ready to take on new investment and brand partners.

Step into Tomorrow by Making the Most of Today with Solaris Farms

By encompassing every aspect of cultivation, production, distribution, and R&D, Solaris Farms is a must visit facility with indoor quality genetics at a fraction of the cost.