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Our Solaris Standards

Our product line is currently focused on offering the best flower and prerolls available in Nevada. The flower we feature is grown by our own company utilizing high-end designed facilities. From seed to sale, we articulately craft our cannabis products like nobody else.

We use that same standard of flower in our prerolls, ensuring you that every product from us is top-notch. Prerolls at other places are usually packed full of bottom-jar shake but Solaris products aim to be as consistent in quality and experience as possible.

Variety of Flower

We feature the finest quality of flower at competitive prices. With purchase options from 1 gram to 14 grams, we have you covered no matter how much cannabis you desire.

Innovative Growing Techniques

Our cannabis plants are raised with an abundance of care, modern science, and love. In a crowded field of cannabis brands, we can proudly say that we are making a name for ourselves in Nevada as one of the biggest and most popular growing and manufacturing facilities.

We have combined top genetics and adapted them to Nevada’s desert environment with hybrid greenhouses that use a technology-oriented and data-driven approach. The result is indoor quality at outdoor prices.